Friday, April 19, 2013

Addie-3 Months

Well, I missed her two month update.  I had it all typed out, then the computer froze .  Oh well, Hakuna Matata...

At her 3 month check up, she was 12lb 12oz (50-75 percentile) and 24 inches (75 percentile).  At her 2 month visit, she was in the 25 percentile.  I knew that couldn't be right! I'm 5'9" and Brad is almost 6'3".  There's almost no way we will end up with a short child, unless we are blessed enough to be able to adopt a cute little Chinese baby! So, either she was mismeasured (is that even a word?) or she grew a LOT.  I'm thinking it was the former, because she is right in the middle of a growth spurt, waking in the middle of the night, which she hasn't done in almost a month.  This mommy is spoiled.  The doctor asked how we managed to get her to sleep that long.  I just laughed and said, "A little bit of BabyWise and a lot of prayer!"

I love how social she is.  She'll smile, laugh, and talk to just about anybody at any time. A developmental questionnaire for her was included in the mass of paperwork we have to do for the company sending us overseas.  She scored the highest possible in the areas of communication and social skills.  Really? My baby likes to talk and socialize?  Wonder who she got that from? Haha!  She's also so flexible.  We can cart her around anywhere, and she just sleeps or looks around contentedly. She is only fussy when she's hungry...also something she gets from me:)

I've been amazed at how attractive TV is to an infant.  We've been trying to keep her away from it, but she will turn and twist her body and head toward it...even when it's off!  It's hard for me to leave it off all day, because I just like the noise when I'm home alone. However, the more I watch TV (mostly the news), the more I want to bubble wrap my baby and keep her by my side forever.  I can't get away from tragedy in the media.  I keep reminding myself that she is the Lord's and will not be able to serve Him fully if I'm overprotective and keeping her from taking risks for the Kingdom...of course, she's not living to "dangerously" at 3 months old.  Just the thought train of a first-time mom.

The past month has been hectic with trips to Arkansas, Hattiesburg, India (Brad...not me!).  We moved onto campus for a variety of reasons; we've gotten to see many sweet friends and their babies.  Unfortunately, we had to say good bye to one of our sweetest friends.  I'm a little angry at the company in Birmingham that hired her. I think I have FINALLY completed most of the necessary paperwork for the company.  Now we're just waiting on medical clearance.  For Addie, that might take a couple more months.  She's perfectly healthy, as far as we know, but they require some bloodwork done at 6 months of age...eek!  Momma's not looking forward to that visit.  However, we are super excited that they have allowed us to begin job matching.  We have had one interview with a job that sounds amazing!  I can't disclose too much detail here, but lets just say it included mountains, nice weather, and provided for all of Brad's outdoor inclinations, as well as my desire for good medical care and education options.

We have definitely been blessed!


This is how she focuses on the TV. 

Southern Girl Easter Sunday Rules: You must be wearing pearls and your baby must be wearing something smocked.  Check!

A fabulous friend came to visit! So excited to meet her little one soon!

  We miss you so much, Aunt Laura! 

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Licensed for Ministry!