Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall...ing out?

So, I had a little bit of a strange experience last Wednesday. I was sitting in class around 10:30, when I felt a short, sharp pain in the back of my head. It only lasted for about 20 seconds, but it was the third one that morning. As I typed "short, sharp head pain..." into google to see what was going on, I started feeling tingly all over, my stomach started flipping, and I started to fall forward. Yes, I was fainting. I got a friend to help me in the hallway before I fell against the wall. I never fainted before, so I had NO clue what was going on. Who faints sitting down? Weird.

*Last year a man fainted in class, and they called the ambulance on him...I was NOT about to let THAT happen; thus, my demand to get into the hall before I fell down*

So, a full blood panel, EKG, and two doctors later, it was determined that I had low blood sugar, and that combined with stress caused me to fall out. The pain in my head was a nerve that pulses when blood sugar drops. Fun stuff. So, I now I get to eat small meals every few hours, and I'm trying to cut down on things high in sugar...with my anniversary and the holidays coming up....this should be interesting!

But, all in all, I found out that I'm pretty stinking healthy, my heart rate and blood pressure are awesome, probably thanks to my hard core spin instructors:) Praise the Lord!

A few weeks ago, we had "Discover Edgewater" day at church. The pictures following are some that we took that day, while I manned the Inward table. My favorite is the picture of Donny and Sang wearing the scarves that Inward sells to raise money...those are very secure men, not to mention patient for posing for these pictures.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Heart My Kitchen Aid

GzZfw0YBbD_qMI4gDliS3BIsppgBXazmaq3274klOPNGNFuxXVwQ1J_OOdl2tk_N_ZZVlWGinZ0nn42NJvU4V5AcpZ2H491wjRmnvC1lagqAq4a-DJredYWOMhy5u0G2ilzMiwdpF4rwkgUkb8tbBFXF7k7HNabA6qaYjI7aHFFyJxj-Sg.jpgA few months ago, mom found a kitchen aid mixer on sale at Sam's and blessed my kitchen countertop with it. If you own one, you know what I mean, and, if you don't, so sorry! This wonderful little mixer brings happiness to the lives of others through cinnamon swirl bundt cakes and blueberry coffee cake and even homemade wheat berry bread. Or, at least it did this weekend. Friday was a little bit rough, so I did what I do to relieve stress. Talk to Brad, work out, and bake bake bake! Last year, the ladies of El Dorado, AR hosted a recipe shower for me, hence the aforementioned blueberry coffee cake and cinnamon swirl bundt cake. I love feeling like a little homemaker, and I even had to borrow powdered sugar from our very sweet upstairs neighbor! Very retro.

After the baking was finished, we put Dakota on the leash and walked over to Metairie's 4th of July celebration (which is technically on the 3rd). We had funnel cake, italian ice, and a puppy on sensory overload. However, she was quite a hit with a pack of little girls who thought her name should be "Tootsie Roll." They were pretty cute. After the concerto finished playing, the fireworks began, and, I must say, were pretty impressive. Dakota handled them well and steadily watched them, in my lap, of course. Then, we ventured back across Veterans and all 3 of us just conked out. Brad had worked that morning, and I had been to a pretty wicked spin class, followed by prayer walking around the East, and a shopping excursion. The dog's just out of shape:)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evil Blenders

So...funny story. I promise I'll give actual updates on what is going on in life on of these days. I have a slight obsession with smoothies. I can blow through a Smoothie King punch card, but that gets a little tough on our budget:) So, I make my own smoothies with an awesome Kitchen Aid blender that the Clonerlys gave us for our wedding. I usually make these for breakfast, when Brad has already left for work. In case you've never made one, the "crush ice" setting can be pretty loud. Brad was riveted to "Baby Mama" when I went in the kitchen. Upon pressing the infamous "crush ice" setting, Brad apparent thought that I had gotten my hand or some part of body stuck in the disposal. He came flying in the living room with the best panicked look on his face! I love that my husband thinks that I'm clumsy enough for that to probably actually happen, but at least he came to my rescue!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brad, Where's the Hanging Bag?!

This past weekend, we were able to drive up to Arkansas to spend the long weekend with Brad's parents. It had been way too long since we had been able so see them (Thanksgiving!), so this trip was long overdue. Brad was so excited to get out of the city and have some space to roam around, that I tried to pre-pack everything I could so that we could get on our way as soon as possible. Well, I made the mistake of doing this while he was at school, so that, when he loaded up the car, he didn't know where all the bags were. So we got everything...guns, underwear, dog, dog treats, dog toys, dog pen, even supplies to clean up after the dog. Well, it was about halfway to Vicksburg that we realized that we never loaded up the hanging bag....which had all of our nice Easter clothes in it. If this is any indication of what we're going to be like when we're parents, we are going to have a beautifully dressed baby...but we might only be able to remember to shower.

Luckily, we were spending the night with Brett and Laura Beth Williams, both of whom wear the exact same sizes as us. After a little freakout followed by some closet shopping, we were appropriately dressed to attend the Easter Sunday Service. So, we got to see the latest improvements on the Williams house and eat a yummy breakfast compliments of Laura Beth, but, before we knew it, we were on the road again.

We arrive in Arkansas and what's the first thing we do? Go skeet shooting and fish frying with the boys. Brad was sweet and let me use his brand new Remington 870 that he got for Christmas and his .22. Even though I'm not so great at shooting a moving target, yet, I was picking off some shotgun shells he set up on a log. I was so proud of my husband! After being a city boy for 6 months, he was outshooting the other boys!

The next day, we hid 850 eggs for the Eggstravaganza at First Baptist Church and acted as perimeters for the kids as they trampled through patches of clover in search of the neon colored prizes. After that, Brad did some welding for his dad and I hung out with Mrs. Carolyn. After dinner that night, we weren't super exciting. I gave the Dakota a bath and the whole family settled down to watch The Bucket List. I can see that post coming soon...

The next morning we celebrate at FBC El Dorado and came home to a tasty ham and plenty of sides. Brad's grandfather was able to join us, which is always a pleasure, and we exchanged Easter baskets. Unfortunately, we had to leave pretty soon after lunch, but Brad had to be at work at 5a.m., and we thought we should return Brett and Laura Beth's clothes on the way back.

Borrowed Easter Clothes

Six hours later, we were back at home, the weekend seeming like a whirlwind. I love holidays, what they celebrate, and the family time spent together. Brad and I are blessed with wonderful in-laws and are of the few that can say we honestly look forward to going home.

Licensed for Ministry!

Licensed for Ministry!