Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evil Blenders

So...funny story. I promise I'll give actual updates on what is going on in life on of these days. I have a slight obsession with smoothies. I can blow through a Smoothie King punch card, but that gets a little tough on our budget:) So, I make my own smoothies with an awesome Kitchen Aid blender that the Clonerlys gave us for our wedding. I usually make these for breakfast, when Brad has already left for work. In case you've never made one, the "crush ice" setting can be pretty loud. Brad was riveted to "Baby Mama" when I went in the kitchen. Upon pressing the infamous "crush ice" setting, Brad apparent thought that I had gotten my hand or some part of body stuck in the disposal. He came flying in the living room with the best panicked look on his face! I love that my husband thinks that I'm clumsy enough for that to probably actually happen, but at least he came to my rescue!


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  1. This had me laughing out loud in the middle of naptime in my classroom! These are priceless memories from memories from marriage. I'm glad you are recording them!


Licensed for Ministry!

Licensed for Ministry!