Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Heart My Kitchen Aid

GzZfw0YBbD_qMI4gDliS3BIsppgBXazmaq3274klOPNGNFuxXVwQ1J_OOdl2tk_N_ZZVlWGinZ0nn42NJvU4V5AcpZ2H491wjRmnvC1lagqAq4a-DJredYWOMhy5u0G2ilzMiwdpF4rwkgUkb8tbBFXF7k7HNabA6qaYjI7aHFFyJxj-Sg.jpgA few months ago, mom found a kitchen aid mixer on sale at Sam's and blessed my kitchen countertop with it. If you own one, you know what I mean, and, if you don't, so sorry! This wonderful little mixer brings happiness to the lives of others through cinnamon swirl bundt cakes and blueberry coffee cake and even homemade wheat berry bread. Or, at least it did this weekend. Friday was a little bit rough, so I did what I do to relieve stress. Talk to Brad, work out, and bake bake bake! Last year, the ladies of El Dorado, AR hosted a recipe shower for me, hence the aforementioned blueberry coffee cake and cinnamon swirl bundt cake. I love feeling like a little homemaker, and I even had to borrow powdered sugar from our very sweet upstairs neighbor! Very retro.

After the baking was finished, we put Dakota on the leash and walked over to Metairie's 4th of July celebration (which is technically on the 3rd). We had funnel cake, italian ice, and a puppy on sensory overload. However, she was quite a hit with a pack of little girls who thought her name should be "Tootsie Roll." They were pretty cute. After the concerto finished playing, the fireworks began, and, I must say, were pretty impressive. Dakota handled them well and steadily watched them, in my lap, of course. Then, we ventured back across Veterans and all 3 of us just conked out. Brad had worked that morning, and I had been to a pretty wicked spin class, followed by prayer walking around the East, and a shopping excursion. The dog's just out of shape:)

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