Monday, November 4, 2013

Addie Claire- 9 Months and Life Lately

 It's hard to believe that October (my favorite month) has come and gone! The Holiday season is approaching which means two things to me (at the moment).  1. Time to get crafty 2. Time to make the most of the couple of months we have left in New Orleans! 

I'm so excited about Addie's first Christmas!  We're not going to be able to go full-out with decorations at home this year because of limited space and being in the moving process.  I think we might do a felt tree like the one found here.  I am NOT playing keep away all day with Addie and a real Christmas tree in our small living space.  I can see Little Miss Sneaky Strong Will winning that battle at least a couple of times.  No, the real tree will have to be enjoyed at my parent's house.  However, I do plan on incorporating as much Christmas as I possibly can this year with other little projects and items.  I am definitely making this ornament...I've been waiting to make it before she was even born! Of course, we'll have to substitute with pink glitter...and a really big ornament girl definitely inherited my foot size.  

But, before we get to Christmas, let's catch up on the past couple of months.

Addison Claire: 19lbs. 29in long (Approximately 50% for weight and 90% for height)
Loves Books and Cheerios
Claps Hands...even when angry:)
Has 2 Smiles. One Sweet. One Cheesy.
Favorite Toy is a Pink Penguin from the Aquarium
26ish ounces of milk a day, 3 solid meal and will eat ANYTHING
Says "Dada" and "Baba"(Bye Bye, I think)
Has taken as many as 11 steps in a row!
Crawls on hands and feet (not knees)
Takes 2 naps a day (1.5-2 hrs. each)
Will not perform on command.


San Francisco in September 

One Happy Daddy on top of Maggie's Peak, Lake Tahoe

First (HOT) trip to the zoo.

Visit from the Givans and their sweet baby Graham!

Guess What?  There are now 3 mommy's in this picture!
Congrats Michael and Ashley!


Second Zoo Trip

Baby Blues

First Baby Crush: Hudson

Visit from the Goldmans and Lily Joyce


4th Anniversary Dinner at Ralphs on the Park

This pumpkin is not nearly as impressive as the big one, apparently. 

It is not that I neglect socks in these pictures, but that she pulls them off in the car. 

More New Mommy Moments

-Walking around humming tunes found only on your daughter's favorite light-up toy remote
-Your sweet husband then telling you that you need to get out more
-Learning to feed the child naked
-A new hatred of Daylight Savings Time
-A love/hate relationship with teeth, baby leggings, and walking
-Taking a swig out of her sippy cup because you packed her water, but not yours.
-Forgetting to eat because she ate and that counts, right??? 
-When your child looks at Duck Dynasty on the tv and says, "Dada!" Seriously???
-Finding the angry baby pictures the funniest. 

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