Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer? Fall? Summer? Fall?

 ...Aaaand just like that, summer's gone!  Okay, summer's not really gone, seeing as how it stays in the 80's/90's until mid-October.  In fact, I usually experience quite a bit of ambivalence this time of year.  The day that Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice Latte is one of the best days of the year.  It's pretty much a holiday in this house.  However, the continuance of intense heat and mosquitos beats down on my "Happy Fall Ya'll" high.  This year will be different!

Brad and I are planning a vacation to San Francisco/Lake Tahoe at the end of September (the point where you start praying for cooler weather to arrive).  I worked there for a summer back in college and have been so excited to show Brad the breathtaking result of mountains colliding with sparkling water.  This will be our last vacation before we head overseas, and we wanted to make it count.  Hopefully those pesky wildfires will decide to disappear within the next month!  On a serious note, the fires are horrible this summer.  The church/daycare/after school program I worked for is having to keep the kids inside at all times because of the dense smoke in the air...not cool.  In the South, we don't often have to deal with fires on that level, but they are devastating.  Our prayers are definitely with those out West.

I digress.  I haven't done an update for Addie in a while, and I know that, if I don't do it now, I won't remember this stuff in just a few months!


-6 Months: 16lb 5oz
-7 Months: 18lb even....Can you say "What up solids?!"  Apparently, they're treating my girl very well!


-6 Months: 26 1/2in
-7 Months: 27in...Still around 50-75% for height.  Short for our family!

Head: She's staying in the 90-95%...that's actually a good thing.  As long as it doesn't grow percentage-wise, we're still good!


6-8 oz bottles at 7, 11, 3, and 6:45
Solids at 8, 1, and 6..There's nothing she's refused, yet! I've even included spinach, squash, parsnips, and rutebeagas (sp?) in some of her stuff.  She's made a few "ugh" faces, but she's never spit it out.

I make my own baby food using the Nuk.  I'm not a mommy who believes that my child is going to be poisoned by a packet of Gerber-something every now and then, but I do like knowing what's in her food. Plus, it's cheap, and it's easy!  I love this little contraption, and highly recommend it (especially if you're like me and don't have a food processor, therefore having to buy something, anyway).


-This kid is ALWAYS moving!  It's no wonder she eats so much.  We can barely change her diaper, because she insists on "barrel rolling" every time.  It's a feat!  The week that she turned 6 months, she learned to pull up, crawl, sit herself up and lay herself back down.  It was quite a week full of creative baby proofing!  We have what we affectionately call, "The Baby Corral."  It is formed by or L-shaped sofa, and we've boxed in the other 2 sides with other furniture and various baby gear.  It works for now, but I have a feeling that she's going to learn to push them out of the way sooner than we would like.  As it is, I'm guessing she will be walking by 9 or 10 months at the latest.  We can already see the motivation and the wheels turning!


Bottom left and right have just peaked out! She got teeth way earlier than I did, but around the same time when Brad did...slow down, Baby Girl! But they do make her smile just that much cuter:)


Chewing on anything, particularly tags. Red solo cups. Apples and pears. Shoes and feet (which is funny, because I HATE feet!).  Being tickled (under her arms) and hung upside down. Standing...she rarely sits down for playtime. Dogs...any dog.  She thinks they are really fun toys. She seems to get a real kick out of pulling on tails and long hair.  Thank goodness, we have VERY patient puppies in our lives! Dr. Brown's pacifiers are about all she'll take. She loves strolling just about anywhere.  And, she loves people, in general.

Brad and her Uncle Ben took her to Cabela's a few weeks ago, and she made friends with every man behind the gun counter.  Can't you just see a bunch of grown outdoorsmen talking in a high pitched voice, telling her how pretty she is? Hah!


Not much really.  She is getting a little fiesty when we try to give her medicine that she took easily before.  She doesn't like when the doctor looks in her ear.  She is unpredictable in the car.  On the way up to Arkansas, she was an angel, but on the way back...not so much. Overall, though, she's pretty happy-go-lucky unless she's really, really hungry.  Hmmm...I wonder which parent she got that from?

Silly Girl

"Try it again. See what happens."

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