Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Color Run

I know I never post anything anymore, but I just had to put up this link because it's making me impatient in waiting for November! The Color Run 2012 is coming to New Orleans on 11/17, and I am so excited. I think I even talked Brad into doing it with me. He never just runs for sport! Spots are filling up quickly, but if you would like to run, you can register here.


If you would like to run on our "team", just comment below, and I'll send you the registration info.

I, personally, can't wait to be covered head to toe in this bright powder/paint stuff! I just don't know how getting home is going to happen...I'm not getting in our car like this!

How are we doing, you ask? We're good. I'm trying to graduate in about 3 weeks, so life is a little hectic. Brad still has about a year left, so we'll be here in NOLA until at least then. That's okay, we're in no rush, because we love it here. The Lord is using both blessing and suffering to grow us in our faith and mold us into a man and woman who can be used for His glory. This is our prayer, and there are definitely times when walking through that is more difficult than I imagined. Brad is as busy as ever. Full time work, full time school, a deacon, life group host, and various other ministry activities. I don't know how he gets it all done. Actually, that's a lie. He doesn't sleep a whole lot. Bless it. Hopefully, after May 12th, I can make this blogging bit more consistent.

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Licensed for Ministry!

Licensed for Ministry!